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1. Description 

Your CPC has been infested by the MCPC! To regain control over it and get it released, you need to defeat the MCPC in "the games" on the  torus! 

This is a single player game. You will be playing against a sophisticated AI. This is a game for casual players.

UPDATE:  Now with Joystick and LambdaSpeak speech synthesizer support!

2. How to play

Just drive! The game ends when a driver crashes into an obstacle, i.e. the traces  of either driver, an obstacle placed by the MCPC, or the eyes of the MCPC. The winner is the driver who didn't crash. The MCPC's AI player uses a much more clever scheme than random driving as you will see!

Use the following keys to control the vehicle:

  • CURSOR / ARROW KEYS: Up, Down, Left, Right.
    Note that you cannot make 180 degree turns. 
    You can teleport a maximum number of 3 times per game.

Update 2021/11/23: the WRATHJOY.BAS on the WRATHJOY.DSK or WRATHJOY.CDT is a slightly updated version - you can use a joystick with that one! There are also some smaller bug fixes. So it is better to play this version.   Note that the version submitted to #CPCRetroDev is still in the ZIP archive;  see the "old" sub-directories under  DSK and CDT. 

Update 2021/11/26: the WRATH-LS.BAS on the WRATHJOY.DSK and WRATH-LS.CDT support the LambdaSpeak  speech synthesizer!  Listen to the threats of the MCPC while you are trying to save your CPC from its evil influence. The LambdaSpeak 1.95, III, and LambdaSpeak FutureSoft Edition (LS-FS) versions are supported. Joystick support is also built in. Note that these versions will not run without the LambdaSpeak speech synthesizer.

More info about the LambdaSpeak speech synthesizer here:


For folks without a LambdaSpeak, here is a great video done by Amstrad Maniaque

Novabug also had a good round at it Novabug 

Thanks for playing it, guys!

Some notes  &  hints:

  • Note that you cannot make 180 degree turns.
  • The game is played on a torus, i.e., the game field wraps around at the edges.
  • The MCPC will place random obstacles on the torus; these need to be avoided.
  • The eyes of the MCPC are deadly, but it's vector lines can be crossed safely.
  • The  MCPC's AI driver will also  teleport (also max. 3 times).


There are a number of variables that control the AI driver's behavior. Check out lines 80 to 110 in the WRATHJOY.BAS or WRATH-LS.BAS! 

The variable "p" is the probability (0 to 100)  that the AI driver makes a random direction change - with higher probability the AI driver will drive more erratically. The variable "op" is the probability (0 to 100) that an obstacle will pop up - higher probability means more obstacles. The maximum obstacle size is given by the "oms"  variable (number of blocks).

3. Authors and License

Michael Wessel aka LambdaMikel. GPL3 License. 

4. Gestures

The  gesture to the Rainbow Islands game is by using the colors of the rainbow used for the explosion effects. Explosions happen frequently, e.g., when the MCPC becomes alive, and when the game starts and ends.

5. Technical Details / Frameworks

The game is written in pure Locomotive BASIC 1.0. No RSX extensions or machine code are being used. Firmware calls are being made, e.g., call &bc02 to restore the ink palette.

6. Screenshots

Install instructions

Standard CPC without LambdaSpeak speech synthesizer extension card: 

  • CDT tape loading:  Use run " from the WRATHJOY.CDT tape image
  • DSK loading: Use run "wrathjoy.bas from the WRATHJOY.DSK image 

With LambdaSpeak support: 

  • CDT tape loading:  Use run " from the WRATH-LS.CDT tape image
  • DSK loading: Use run "wrath-ls.bas from the WRATHJOY.DSK image


wrathjoy.dsk 190 kB
wrath-ls.cdt 28 kB

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